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GF 18/20/25/32/36 Type metallic hoop bending device is a sort of bending system is a kind of bending system for engineering steel bar. It has the blessings of simplified bending procedure, high efficiency, convenient attitude adjustment and neat bending. It can bend metal of 4-18/20/25/28/32/36 mm into diverse geometric shapes required for engineering.

Technical Parameter


Diameter of bending round steel: 4-18/20/25/32/36 mm Bending velocity: 25-30/15-19 r/min
Bending Speed: 25-30/15-19 r/min
Motor Power: 2.2/3/four KW
Voltage: 380V
Speed: 1440 r/min
Reinforcement diameter (mm) 25 20 18 sixteen 14 12 10 eight 6
Number of bends/time 1 1 1 1 2 3 four five 6

Structure and Working Principle


The automatic metal bar hoop bending machine consists of motor, gear field, electrical home equipment, frame and so on.

Firstly, the motor rotates in a clockwise course, decelerates thru the gearbox through the triangle belt, after which drives the operating disk to rotate by using the main output shaft at the gearbox. When attaining the constrained angle role, the journey transfer touch at the lower quit of the principle output shaft cuts off the close touch of the journey transfer, closes the common open touch of the travel switch, and the motor automatically reverses. When the working disk returns to the store tour switch, the motor cuts off the circuit. Stop and end the paintings.

Functional Characteristics


1. East to apply, true safety performance, widespread perspective, rapid speed, light dealing with.
2. Simple operation: simplest one man or woman can paintings, no education, boot will operate.
3. The machine adopts pedal switches of ninety diploma and 135 ranges, and the attitude adjustments freely.
4. Angle preferred, the adjustable attitude collision clamp is used between zero and 360 levels, that is convenient to alter.
5. Fast speed. The pace of this device is among 20 and 25 times in step with minute, and the hourly bending stirrups are about 500.

Installation and Use Method

1. Before set up and use, test whether or not the entire gadget and electric home equipment are loosened or damaged for the duration of transportation and managing.
2. When putting in, the system must installation leakage protection transfer and grounding.

Use Method:

A. The motor rotates clockwise when working and counterclockwise when returning.
B. Adjust the parallelism and clearance among sheet steel and bending workpiece according to the size of bending running diameter.
C. According to the bending attitude, regulate the contact role of the stroke switch at each angle of the decrease cease of the main output shaft, loosen the attitude contact clamp screw, move clockwise, and the perspective will become large. After adjusting to the desired angle, tighten the attitude clamp screw (Note: the the front end of the touch should be aligned with the stoked switch Pulley)
D. When working, the factory adopts two pedal switches of ninety degree and one hundred thirty five levels within the design. The angle may be changed Flexibly and simply. It’s extra handy to paintings with pedal switch.
Note: if there are any changes in the strength and mechanical component so the motor, they may not be notified one at a time.


Electrical Control Chart
 Contactor coil Micro Switch (LXWW11G3)
 Normally closed contact Contactor
 Self-locking contact Electric motor
 Button and foot switch Limit switch(JLXK1-411)
Causes and Troubleshooting
Fault Types
Cause of occurrence
Elimination method
Bending machine is weak
  • 1. Triangular band loosening
  • 2. Motor burnout
  • 3. Too Low Voltage
  • 1. Adjust the triangle
  • 2. Update repair
  • 3. Adjust the voltage
Bending arm does not return or not in place
  • 1. Poor contact of contactor
  • 2. Bad Contact of Travel Switch
  • 3. The micro switch is broken
  • 4. Failure or aging of internal return spring
  • 1. Clean the contacts with an abrasive cloth
  • 2. Change or reload
  • 3. Change stroke switch
  • 4. In exchange for spring
No automatic point motion
  • 1. Contactor contact is poorly connected
  • 2. The wire is broken or the wire is broken
  • 3. The stroke switch contacts burned out
  • 1. Cleaning contacts with sandcloth
  • 2. Wiring change or reinstallation
  • 3. Change stroke switch
Bending machine out of control
  • 1. The entry or contact of the pedal switch is sticky
  • 2. Contactor contact sticking
  • 3. The stroke switch is damaged or the work cannot pop out
  • 4. The gap between the working head of the stroke switch and angle regulator is large or the stroke switch is damaged
  • 1. Replacement of wires or switches
  • 2. Replace the new contactor
  • 3. Replacement or lubrication
  • 4. Gap adjustment or stroke change switch
The Motor reversal continously
  • 1. Stop switch and angle adjuster clip loose
  • 2. Damage of stop stroke switch
  • 1. Adjust the position of the stop angle adjuster clip and tighten
  • 2 . Change stroke switch
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