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Powerful and versatile, our Mini Excavator is perfect for any task. With a compact design and a YANMAR3 – TVN – 70 engine, it delivers reliable performance. Dig with precision using its 2400 mm max earth digging diameter and 1800 mm max digging depth. Its 2740 mm max digging height and 1320 mm max vertical digging depth ensure versatility. With a transportation length of 2550 mm and a weight of 1700 KG, it’s easy to transport. Experience efficiency and control with the pilot system. Get the job done effortlessly with our Mini Excavator.

Unlock Unlimited Potential with Our Mini Excavator 1.7 Ton – Now Available at an Unbeatable Price of just ₹14 Lakh (14,00,000). Don’t miss out on this incredible deal.


size unit specification
wheel base mm 1100
track length mm 1300
platform to ground interval mm 380
tail turning diameter mm 933
body width mm 1100
track width mm 180
track height mm 320
transportation length mm 2550
machine height mm 2200
operating range unit specification
max. earth digging diameter mm 2400 digging depth mm 1800
max.digging height mm 2740
max.uninstall height mm 1750
max.vertical digging depth mm 1320
min.gyration diameter mm 1190
max. bulldozer digging height mm 325
max. bulldozer digging depth mm 175
engine unit specification
machine weight kg 1700
capacity of bucket 0.03
pilot system yes
engine model/power kw yanmar3-tvn-70/10kw


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