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The Dumper Construction machine, model 0.8 T, is a compact and powerful equipment designed for construction tasks. With a load capacity of 0.8 tons and weighing 470 kg, it offers versatility and maneuverability. It has a track model of 1807238 and a length of 1300 mm, providing stability and traction on various terrains. The machine features F3R1 gears, offering three forward and one reverse speed options, with a maximum speed of 15 km/h and a minimum speed of 2 km/h. Equipped with a dump bucket for efficient unloading, it is powered by a Greaves 1510 engine with 10 HP, air cooling, and a single cylinder. This Dumper Construction machine is ideal for handling materials and navigating tight spaces in construction projects.

Technical specification
style number 0.8 t
load 0.8 t
weight 470 kg
measurement (l*w*h) 2000*780*1300
carriage (l*w*h) 1200*780*460
track (model) 180*72*38
length of track 1300
minimum turning radius 1000
grears f3r1
fastest speed 15 km/ h
slowest speed 2 km/ h
chassis width 620
starting mode electric
cooling methods air
ramp angle 38
crawler type engineering rubber tracks
dump function dump bucket after unloading
engine brand greaves 1510
engine type air cooling
engine cylinder number single
power 10 hp


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