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The DZ25-2 laser screed vibrator is a powerful and efficient paving machine. With its rocking screed head, it covers a width of 2500 mm and achieves precise leveling with the help of a microcomputer laser scanning system. The vibration motor provides an excitation force of 2000 N at a frequency of 50 Hz, ensuring excellent consolidation of the concrete. It is lightweight at 430 kg, making it easily transportable, and its solid puncture-proof or special use wide tires ensure stability on various terrains. This screed vibrator is a reliable choice for achieving flat and accurately leveled surfaces in construction projects.

Specification value
model dz25 – 2
engine power 3.3 hp
lubrication oil level 0.6 – 0.8 l
fuel tank volume 18 l
working mode of screed head rocking type
screed width 2500 mm
paving mode vibrating plate spreading
paving thickness 50 – 200 mm
control mode of vibrating system vibration motor
excitation force 2000 n
vibration frequency 50 hz
control mode of laser system microcomputer laser scanning
control effect of laser system flat surface slope, double slope (3 dimensional)
drive type reducer + motor
wheel solid puncture proof tyre / special use wide tyre.
speed 0 – 40m/min
power alternator
theoretical flow 20l/min
rated pressure 7 mpa
outline dimension 3220*2780*1180 mm
net weight 4305 kg


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