Multifunctional Punching and Shearing Machines: Performance, Features, Parameters!

QA32-8B is a multifunctioanl punching and shearing machine. The device is a foot operated switch, bendy and dependable, enhancing the energy of the whole machine. This machine is novel in layout, affordable, stunning in form and clean to apply and set up. It can reduce a round metallic bar. Angle metallic bar, plate shearing, punching and cutting it’s far the modern-day ideal sheet cloth profile multi-station punching and shearing extremely good machinery.



1.Performance & Feature:

This machine is suitable for shearing mild steel, Angle steel, square steel, flat steel and steel plate whose tensile strength ≤ 450MPa. Especially suitable for machinery, construction, light industry and so on.

Shearing specification:

DescriptionRound BarSquare BarAngle BarFlat BarSteel Bar
Sectional ViewRoundSquareAngleFlat 
SizeΦ3020 X 2075 X 75 X 8100 X 12б = 8


Punching and angle bar notching

Processing RangeRound Hole(mm) Diameter/ThicknessOblong Hole(mm) length*width/thicknessAngle Bar(mm) width*width/thicknessVee Notching(mm) width*width/thickness
SpecificationΦ22/840 X 16/8L70 X 70 X 6L50 X 50 X 6

2.Technical Parameter:

Mechanical Ironworker

• PUNCH CAPACITY: Φ22 x 8mm/40x16x8mm
• STROKE TIMES: 30times consistent with minute
• WEIGHT: 550 KG
• SIZE: 900X500X1100mm


The gadget consists of an electric motor, fuselage,transmission gadget, operation take hold of machine and operating parts. The belt pulley (2) of the maximum transmits power to the large belt pulley (4) via the triangle belt (3) , that is coaxially linked with the helical enamel axis (5) through keys. Another huge helical tools (6) engaged with the helical shaft (five) transmits energy to the eccentric shaft (9) via the shaft (7) and the gear (8) and the grasp (18). The knife seat is equipped with movable knife area (eleven) , higher knife side (12) and punch head (thirteen), and so forth corresponding constant reducing aspect (15), top cutting (16) and punching die seat (17) are respectively arranged at the body of the wallboard.Due to the reciprocating movement of movable blades, variable profiles can be cut between top and decrease blade, and holes and dies can be cut between punch head and die.The distance between the two eccentric axes is same to 15mm, and the reducing tool strokes is 27mm.Whilst the eccentric shaft moves at the rate of 30 revolutions according to minute, the device actions up and down with the same quantity of punching and shearing in keeping with minute is 30 times.

Activity the reciprocating movement of the cutter holder is managed with the aid of grab, stepped on the foot switch (19), steel flexible shaft driving connecting rod (20) out of flip key operations thugs (21), turn key (22) beneath the movement of anxiety spring (23), roll- out mixed with a equipment, the equipment drives the eccentric shaft, cutter holder make sports up and down reciprocating motion, loosen the pedal switch, working linkage to reist turn key thugs, flip the important thing again to the grab, tools and the eccentric shaft out, movable knives then forestall moving.

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